Michel BALAN Expert premium

Michel BALAN

Director of Operations


Indicative price: € 1000 - 1125 / day

Michel BALAN Expert premium

Michel BALAN

Premium Expert

Director of Operations


"The older I get, the more future I have."

Indicative price € 1000 - 1125 / day


Michel is available from the 01-04-2021

Michel is available for missions Full time, Time sharing, Special mission

Michel moves to the International level

The expert in a few words....

As a specialist in Operations Management within technical service companies and in industry, I assist companies in their transformation, the anchoring of new organisations and the search for improvements in operational performance. I always pay great attention to the human aspect of organizations.

His specific skills

  • Management: multidisciplinary teams of 10 to 1,000 people (shift and itinerant staff). Hierarchical and transversal management. Organizational Optimization - Operational Excellence - Productivity Improvement - Organizational Transformation
  • Human Resources : - Recruitment, - Employee loyalty, - Implementation of training plans that pull employees upwards.
  • Start-up of an international subsidiary (Buenos Aires - Argentina): commercial prospecting, company structuring, recruitment, team training.
  • Multi-technical maintenance (preventive, conditional, corrective) Maintenance methods - Assistance in starting up large contracts - Improvement of productivity and margins.

His experience

Michel has 40 years of experience

September 2013 - August 2015

Maintenance Director

Spie Batignolles Energie

Eaubonne - France

Development of the "maintenance contracts" activity and a plumbing service.

January 2010 - August 2013

Technical Director Maintenance

Engie Axima

Villeurbanne - France

Expertise support to operational staff to develop the added value of maintenance services: - Energy and environmental efficiency: Development of contracts with commitments. - Maintenance methods: Start-up of new contracts - CMMS. - Skills development: training of business managers and technicians. - Technical and regulatory watch: development of innovation. - ISO 9001 quality system management: follow-up and renewal audits. - Expertise and measurements: progress plans, technical problem solving, etc.

February 1996 - December 2009

Maintenance Director

Engie Axima

Nantes - France

Commercial, financial, technical and administrative management of the company's maintenance activity: €102 million turnover, 9 regions and 40 agencies, 970 people including 750 technicians (70% itinerant and 30% on fixed sites). - Implementation of an aggressive sales development policy (sales +100%: €50 to 102 million in 6 years). - Rationalisation of purchases (significant gains on subcontracting) and close monitoring of agencies in difficulty (e.g.: on a €5 million/year contract, gain of €150k on subcontracting). - Improvement in margins for services not covered by contracts: control over costing and execution, reduction in non-quality costs (change in the sales coefficient from 1.30 to 1.42). - Mobilization of the account managers in the improvement of productivity: implementation of quarterly re-analyses of business and results and improvement action plans (Ebit increased from 5 to 8%). - Development of small-scale work excluding contracts (in 6 years, increase from 30% to 40% of total sales). - Leading teams in the context of company acquisitions and mergers. - Management of bi-national and/or grouped contracts - Axima Mandataire (Eurotunnel Groupement FR/UK - 60 pers. - 5 M€/year; European Parliament - Grouping - 58 people - 5 M€/year) - Customer Loyalty: improvement in the contract renewal rate (from 60 to 85%). - Reinforcement of customer proximity through the creation of new regional branches (7 branches created). - Recruitment and training of top managers: 20 junior engineers recruited and trained. - Implementation of a human resources policy aimed at reducing the turnover of Branch Directors and Business Managers (reduction in turnover from 10% to 2% per year). - Improvement in safety results: Frequency Rate (TF) divided by 3 (21% to 7%).

His education

  • 1977 : Ingénieur Civil des Mines (Ecole des Mines de Nancy)
  • 1974 : Classes préparatoires aux concours d'entrée aux écoles d'ingénieurs
  • 1972 : Baccalauréat série C (Lycée Franco Mexicain de Mexico)

Its missions

  • July 2020 to present - Engie Solutions (Ineo) - Transition Manager - Director of Operations - Le Havre (Mission provided by Talents & Projets) Overall objective of the mission: to rebuild the Agency's management and operating base at the human and organisational level by working alongside the Agency Director to manage and coordinate all the operational teams (Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers, Works Supervisors, Technicians): - Human resources management : - Detailed mapping of the skills of the Agency's staff, and updating of training needs and monitoring of accreditations. - Take control of resource allocation. Leading the Agency's operational planning and the Planning Meeting allowing its weekly update. Adapt the allocation of resources to the work sites according to their skills. To balance the activity of all staff. - Reviewing the organization of the Agency at the level of operational teams and management. Adapt the structure to the appropriate level of skills. Establish the rites and responsibilities of managers. - Management of margin and site risks : - Carry out an audit of low margin business. Control the contracts sold and identify the discrepancies in their execution. Break down by contract the hours sold and the hours actually worked both on the building sites and in the Design Office. - Examine the application and appropriation of INEO business management methods, tools and processes (Finance, QSE, etc...). Clarify the distribution of tasks, roles and responsibilities. - Study the optimization of services shared with the Agence Réseaux (Assistance, Purchasing). - Quality of service delivery: - To control on the field the human means and the organization set up. - To control the processes from the order taking to the realization of the business. Ensure the quality of the services provided in relation to what has been sold (under/over quality).
  • January 2020 to May 2020 - Cofely Airport and Logistics Systems - Transition Manager - Senior Project Manager (end of mission following the closure of Orly Airport) Assistance with the start-up of the maintenance contract for the baggage sorting installations throughout Orly airport - Piloting of the "maintenance methods" teams. Objective: to make up for the delay of more than 3 months and to be ready for the operational phase on the 2nd of March. May 2020. Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) - Characterization of equipment - Choice of maintenance methods - Training plan for the 30 technicians assigned to the contract - Establishment of maintenance schedules - Definition of spare parts stock - CMMS parameterization - EDM update - Intervention operating methods
  • Oct. 2018 to Sept. 2019 - Valtus - Transition Manager - Branch Director - Bordeaux/Biarritz Management of a team of 70 employees Replacement at short notice - Ensuring operational continuity - Change management - Improving collaboration with Operational Agencies - Deploying mobility tools - Improving operational performance: implementation and piloting using KPIs - Improving the intervention process - Managing the performance of interventions (300,000 per year) - Regionally reorganising the Automation and Industrial IT teams - Assistance with the start-up of a national logistics platform
  • June 2018 to Sept. 2018 - REEL for Orano in La Hague - Transition Manager - Contract Director Management of the Multitechnical Maintenance contract between GIE IMAC (REEL+AEMCO+ORANO DS) and Orano on the site of the La Hague plant (170 people): Objectives: to improve relations with the customer, to reduce the outstanding maintenance (preventive and corrective), to structure the team with the right skills, to improve the profitability of the contract. - Ensure relations with the Customer, - Ensure relations with the 3 partners of the GIE, - Organize maintenance teams, - Audit of skills and definition of recruitment needs, - Implementation of an action plan to reduce preventive and corrective maintenance work in progress, - Define the target organisation after the first year of the contract, an organisation that should ensure the good performance of the contractual services as well as the economic balance of the contract, - Initiate actions for operational excellence.
  • Oct.2017 to May 2018 - Valtus - Transition Manager - Branch Manager - Anzin/Compiègne Replacement at short notice - Ensuring operational continuity - Change management - Internal and external recruitment - Stabilizing teams - Site closure - Presentation of reorganization projects to IRPs - Re-motivating teams - Stabilizing the new organization
  • February 2017 to Oct. 2017 - Valtus - Transition Manager - Agency Manager - Dijon/Mulhouse Replacement at short notice - Ensuring operational continuity - Change management - Internal recruitment - Team stabilization - Transfer of activity to another site - Integration of new geographical areas - Organizational transformation

Languages (2)

  • Spanish : fluent
  • English : fluent

Skills (7)

  • Management of complex projects
  • Operational Excellence
  • Improved operational performance
  • Organizational Transformation
  • BU management
  • Management
  • Project management