Michel BALAN

Director of Operations


Indicative price: € 1000 - 1125 / day

Michel BALAN Expert premium

Michel BALAN

Premium Expert

Director of Operations


"The older I get, the more future I have."

Indicative price € 1000 - 1125 / day


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The expert in a few words....

As a specialist in Operations Management within technical service companies and in industry, I assist companies in their transformation, the anchoring of new organisations and the search for improvements in operational performance. I always pay great attention to the human aspect of organizations.

His specific skills

  • Management: multidisciplinary teams of 10 to 1,000 people (shift and itinerant staff). Hierarchical and transversal management. Organizational Optimization - Operational Excellence - Productivity Improvement - Organizational Transformation
  • Human Resources : - Recruitment, - Employee loyalty, - Implementation of training plans that pull employees upwards.
  • Start-up of an international subsidiary (Buenos Aires - Argentina): commercial prospecting, company structuring, recruitment, team training.
  • Multi-technical maintenance (preventive, conditional, corrective) Maintenance methods - Assistance in starting up large contracts - Improvement of productivity and margins.

His experience

Michel has 40 years of experience

August 2020

- France

His education

  • 1977 : Ingénieur Civil des Mines (Ecole des Mines de Nancy)
  • 1972 : Baccalauréat série C (Lycée Franco Mexicain de Mexico)

Its missions

  • Valtus (duration 12 months) Replacement of the incumbent at short notice - Ensuring operational continuity - Change management - Ensuring good relations with the Operational Agencies - Deploying mobility tools - Improving operational performance - Improving the intervention process - Accompanying the implementation of a Logistics Platform - Managing the performance of interventions (300.000 per year) - Regional reorganization of the Automation and Industrial IT teams - Assistance with the start-up of a national logistics platform - Search for actions with higher added value for plant scheduling (operation and maintenance of plants)

Languages (2)

  • Espagnol : courant
  • Anglais : courant

Skills (9)

  • Management of complex projects
  • Operational Excellence
  • Improved operational performance
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Management

Activity areas (6)

  • Airlines/Aviation
  • Management Consulting
  • Construction
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Oil & Energy
  • Environmental Services

Types of business (7)

  • Companies in difficulty
  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups
  • Investment funds and holding companies
  • Groups and large companies
  • LBO and Private Equity
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Start-up