General Management in SME & Subsidiaries - BtoB Equipment and Services - Post Acquisition


Indicative price: € 1250 - 1375 / day

Pascal BERARDO Expert premium


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General Management in SME & Subsidiaries - BtoB Equipment and Services - Post Acquisition


Align your Organization with your Strategy, increase your Productivity, in the BtoB Equipment and Services businesses.

Indicative price € 1250 - 1375 / day


Pascal is available from the 11-05-2020

Pascal is available for missions Time sharing, Special mission

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The expert in a few words....

I like to implement segmentation and reorganization strategies autonomously to significantly improve the profitability and balance sheet of the structures where I work. I use proven methodologies to achieve these results, taking the teams on board with me. I am happy to work on a part-time basis within small structures.

I have often been involved in growth management or critical contingencies, ideally in the post-acquisition integration phase (PMI).

I have a lot of experience in BtoB professions with a strong technical orientation.

His specific skills

  • Strategy: review of the strategy of group subsidiaries at the time of integration. Review of PMI's cleantech strategy. Competitive and positioning studies, resegmentation, value analysis. Deployment of PMT.
  • Management: teams of 15 to 75 people at all levels. Hierarchical and transversal management (in project management). Reporting to International Boards
  • Commercial: management of sales projects, advice on the whole spectrum of design and implementation (water projects in industry), including operation, maintenance and financing. Matrix management
  • Management: optimization of unprofitable subsidiaries, outsourcing. BFR processing, segmentation. Operating account and budget management, Sox reporting, US Gaap, closures
  • Human Resources: management of turnaround projects in the trading business. Direct Negotiation, Labour Law. Change management towards matrix management and agile working. Team building + launching and animation of working groups. Drafting of good practices

His experience

Pascal has 32 years of experience

Biens et équipements pour les entreprises

February 2019 - August 2019

Accompaniment of executives


poissy - France

-Mentoring of the Founder of a BtoC internet sales company, Mantes, 01-08/18 -preparation of a fund raising, stabilization of the WCR, preparation of a 3-year PO -Supporting young entrepreneurs within Réseau Entreprendre -Sales reorganization of an SME in Cleantech, Toulouse, 02-08/2019 -Audit, alignment of medium-term strategy, deployment of the action plan -Senior Consultant in Transformation, TopsConsult, Paris, 03/19 ->

Commerce de gros

March 2018 - December 2018

Transformation Project Manager


Rousset (13) - France

Context and Missions - Integration into an ETI of a water treatment SME acquired 3 years earlier, declining figures, high turnover, lack of commercial strategy. oPerformance audit, strategic review at OC (6 weeks) oAgile reorganization of the technical, sourcing and marketing entities, oSales management France BtB (pro trading), sales plan, training Results -Increase of the margin, adaptation of the sales force, implementation of a product-oriented organisation - Success of the Group's transformation on the subsidiary, relay to anchor the messages and the new organizational and cultural methods (CEO's testimony)

Commerce de gros

January 2018 - March 2018

BU Director


BIEVRES - France

Background & Missions -Disengagement of the management of a BtoB activity within an entity 80% BtC oClarify the organisation for the sale, Re-motivate the teams Results - Accountability, review of strategy, contractualization with service providers -Re-engagement of the management and abandonment of the wish to sell

His education

  • 2017 : certificat manager de transition
  • 1987 : Maitrise sciences et techniques

Its missions

  • I accompanied the management of a Cleantech SME on its medium-term plan, with the alignment of the organization with strategy, commercial efficiency, and including the implementation of rituals to prepare this development over five years, over 4 months in 2019.
  • after having conducted its audit, I implemented the integration of the organization of a subsidiary of a very small company in an agile management mode, federating around product development, marketing, R&D, communication, prescription, database management, logistics, over 9 months in 2018.
  • In 2013, in one week, I took charge of a team without management, in the field of BtB trading in catering equipment, to redirect this unit, a subsidiary of a US group, towards excellence in customer service, for sustainable profitability in 18 months (turnover €12M, revenue +15% vs. -5%).
  • In 2010, I took charge of the reorientation of the subsidiary of an American group in the water treatment sector, from engineering to assembly and service, from direct sales to sales via distributors (turnover 3M€, RN x4).
  • in 2009, I managed a project in response to a European call for tenders that we won, on a water production system for energy, with a technological first, and high implementation constraints (€25M).

Languages (1)

  • Anglais : courant

Skills (5)

  • Business Strategy
  • business growth
  • organizational simplification
  • collaborative leadership
  • Project management

Activity areas (6)

  • Business Supplies and Equipment
  • Biotechnology
  • Think Tanks
  • Renewables & Environment
  • Research
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Types of business (4)

  • Family businesses
  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Start-up