Pierre VILLATTE Expert premium


Project Executive


Indicative price: € 1375 - 1500 / day

Pierre VILLATTE Expert premium


Premium Expert

Project Executive


Management of Complex Operations

Indicative price € 1375 - 1500 / day

Management of Complex Operations


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Operations Department or Department of Major Infrastructure Projects (water and environment, transport and rail, energy, telecom)

His specific skills

  • 15 years of project management and multicultural team management in the context of infrastructure consortium work in the water treatment, rail transport and energy sectors. Turnaround of projects in difficulty (saving margin, deadlines)
  • Management and training of local teams (Africa, Latin America) of 300 people or more.
  • Restructuring, reorganisation of operational departments or project organisation
  • Implementation of a project backup plan: margin adjustment, continuity of work, planning
  • Crisis management, management in difficult contexts
  • Complex negotiation

His experience

Pierre has 32 years of experience

Architecture et urbanisme

February 2017 - September 2017

Project Director - Consortium Director


Constantine - Algeria

Project management for the construction of the Constantine Tramway in consortium with 3 companies. Management of the default of one Consortium partner and resumption of activities by the other partners. Reorganization of the Consortium team to ensure the objectives. Negotiation of additional deadlines and improvement of the project margin

Architecture et urbanisme

April 2016 - August 2016

Director of Operations


Alger - Algeria

Africa Operations Directorate : - 6 tramway projects in Algeria - 3 metro projects in Cairo - Egypt - closing a business in Tunis - Tunisia

Architecture et urbanisme

May 2014 - August 2014

Director of Operations Nigeria


Port Harcourt - Nigeria

Takeover of two off-shore and on-shore projects to ensure the execution deadlines of the off-shore part and secure the progress of the on-shore part by re-establishing constructive relationships with the client and strategic partners.

His education

  • 2019 : Négociation complexe Pacificat
  • 2011 : PMP
  • 1985 : ESTP

Its missions

  • Tramway project in Algeria (€250M): I managed the default of a consortium partner, secured the margin and negotiated additional delays, while supporting the remaining partner in taking over the scope of the defaulting partner. I reorganized the consortium team.
  • Off-shore & on-shore project in Nigeria (€600M): I took over and reorganized the project to meet the planning objectives (shutdown of off-shore unit scheduled by the Client), restarted the on-shore part and improved the relations with the client and strategic partners.
  • Water treatment: resumption of the "Africa" operations: I streamlined the business portfolio, closed the difficult business, with improvement of the Sales and Margin of the Business Unit and overhaul of the commercial strategy (selectivity, execution strategy)
  • Petrochemical revamping project - Kuwait: I took over the project after 3 project managers. Local takeover of the project in the context of the Gulf War, with a very demanding client and a difficult financial situation. I ensured business continuity and secured the margin.
  • Water treatment: I built the first drinking water plant in Nouakchott (Mauritania) and set up a 100% local team to operate the plant for 2 years.
  • Telecom - THD Plan France: I supported a FTTH operator in its annual production growth (doubling in one year, x10 in 2 years) by providing the methodology for project steering, project portfolio monitoring and, after process rationalization, by implementing methods for industrializing studies and new workflow tools.

Languages (4)

  • English : fluent
  • Spanish : fluent
  • German : notions
  • Polish : notions

Skills (1)

  • Project management

Activity areas (6)

  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Oil & Energy
  • Environmental Services
  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Types of business (4)

  • Companies in difficulty
  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups
  • Groups and large companies
  • LBO and Private Equity