Veronique Ehrhard

Chief Financial Officer Pharma Healthtech


Indicative price: € 1500 - 1625 / day

Veronique Ehrhard Expert premium

Veronique Ehrhard

Premium Expert

Chief Financial Officer Pharma Healthtech


Specialist of the finance function on transformation issues: fund raising, international deployment, disposals, acquisitions, restructuring, development plan, product valuation, in & out licensing, R&D portfolio optimization, structuring of the finance function. (process tools teams)

Indicative price € 1500 - 1625 / day


Veronique is available from the 04-01-2021

Veronique is available for missions Full time, Time sharing, Special mission

Veronique moves to the International level

The expert in a few words....

HEC. CEDEP INSEAD. Transition manager since 2019 after 25 years of experience in France and US within international pharmaceutical groups (health, pharma, biotech, healthtech) GALDERMA -NESTLE SKIN HEALTH, HRA PHARMA, LEO PHARMA, METABIOLAB

His specific skills

  • Accompanying growth through Business Development: as CFO of Galderma's BD (€1M turnover), I set up the valuation aspect of acquisitions (7 acquisitions in 3 years) and I modelled the internal R&D portfolio (basis for management decisions).
  • Accompanying growth through financing: at HRA (EU group €50m turnover), I managed a fundraising campaign from A to Z: business plan, valuation, pitchs, data room, due diligence: €25m raised for €50m turnover.
  • Accompanying the transformation and cultural change: at Leo Pharma as Dir Fin, I accompanied the restructuring of the French subsidiary (€450M ca -600 people) with an EPS allowing the launch of a new BU financed by the human commercial disinvestment with the target of general practitioners.
  • Accompanying the transformation of the Finance function: at HRA, as Group CFO, I structured the consolidation and set up a process and a budgeting tool in 12 months.
  • Leading international multicultural cross-functional projects: at Leo Pharma I managed the "innohep" project: in 3 months I aligned the international commercial, industrial and production teams and we produced a common recommendation approved by the group CODIR.
  • Financial Director specialising in the Pharma and Biotechs sector in France: pharma taxation (transfer prices, pharma tax), distribution (wholesalers, pharmacies, EEC), management of intangibles, sales prices ...

His experience

Veronique has 35 years of experience

Industrie pharmaceutique

May 2012 - August 2012

2012 -2016 Secretary General France Reporting to the CEO France Member CODIR.

Leo Pharma

Voisins le B - France

Manage a tax audit in a transfer pricing context - limit adjustment Steering of international cross-functional projects: Director of the corporate project "innohep": in 3 months, alignment of the industrial and marketing teams and production of a joint recommendation approved by the CODIR Group Implement SAP for the industrial and commercial activity and drive the change for internal customers. Closing 2015 approved, 30% reduction in headcount counted implementation of integrated processes (e.g. Purchasing) Manage a tax audit in a transfer pricing context - limited recovery

Industrie pharmaceutique

May 2012 - August 2012

2017 2018 CFO France Canada Benelux - reporting to EU CFO - Member CODIR

Leo Pharma

Voisins le B - France

Deploy SAP: Outsource transactional accounting to India, Restructure Business France (plan, PSE, new BU launch), Distribution: Wholesaler relations and product allocation management

Industrie pharmaceutique

June 2010 - November 2010

Group CFO - Reporting to the CEO

HRA Pharma

Paris - France

Raising 25M funds for a group with 50M in sales Overhaul the management information system: Hyperion Planning implemented in 6 months Optimize the portfolio: Acquisition of T of a Novartis product

His education

  • 2020 : AQI Administrateur indépendant
  • 2000 : Insead- Cedep GMP
  • 1982 : HEC

Its missions

  • At LEO Pharma in 2017, I co-piloted the restructuring of the French business (€200m): 10-year modelling, recommendations, EPS support (valuation, negotiation support) and change management for the teams, resulting in the creation of a biological BU financed by commercial disinvestment from the MGs.
  • At Leo Pharma, France from 2015 to 2018, I accompanied the accelerated transformation of the subsidiary: from a decentralized country management to a centralized (regional) management, from a direct hierarchy to a matrix structure, from a local (French) culture to a group (Danish) culture, from a statutory financial vision to a BU-based management based on the implementation of SAP.
  • At LEO Pharma in 2016 I led the group project "innohep" aiming at defining the future geographical presence of this key product. In three months, in a tense multi-cultural context, I aligned the sales and industrial teams on a common vision and we produced a recommendation that was approved by the group CODIR.
  • At HRA, a European group, I raised funds from A to Z in 2011: valuation business plan, negotiations with the bank, pitching, setting up the data room, due diligence: €25m raised for €50m in turnover.
  • At Galderma from 2006 to 2009 I was Chief Financial Officer of Business Development. I have modelled and valued the R&D portfolio for prioritisation purposes.E,n 3 years, I have valued and co-negotiated 7 licensing-in contracts, including the EU licence for Ipsen's "Botox".

Languages (2)

  • English : fluent
  • German : intermediate

Skills (5)

  • R&D valorization
  • Financial steering ww: planning, execution, monitoring
  • Change management for multicultural teams
  • Fund raising from business plan to closing
  • R&D development, licensing in & out

Activity areas (6)

  • Biotechnology
  • Think Tanks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary
  • Medical Devices
  • Research

Types of business (5)

  • Start-up
  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups
  • Investment funds and holding companies
  • Groups and large companies
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises