Jean-François VILLANEAU

General Directorate

United Kingdom

Indicative price: € 2250 - 2375 / day

Jean-François VILLANEAU Expert premium

Jean-François VILLANEAU

Premium Expert

General Directorate

United Kingdom

Managing Director-COO with strong track record in turnarounds and international business development, 18 years in North America and UK and French-English mother tongues.

Indicative price € 2250 - 2375 / day


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Jean-François moves to the International level

The expert in a few words....

30 years in industry (automotive, electronics, airports), from shop management to board position, from family business to very large organisations, from centralised, matrix and decentralised organisations, in France, Spain, UK, Canada and USA.

His specific skills

  • Animation of the strategy. Analysis of the environment, constraints and challenges in order to choose orientations.
  • Structuring of organization charts. Reduction in the number of hierarchical levels. Avoid judge and party situations.
  • Cash flow management: TRI, RoCE, investment monitoring.
  • Lean management. Target 0 stocks, 0 defects, 0 delays, 0 paper, 0 breakdowns
  • Drafting and negotiation of SPAs
  • SAP Deployment Strategy

His experience

Jean-François has 33 years of experience

Industrie automobile

March 2009 - March 2017

Industrial Director and Member of the Management Board


Champfromier - France

Successful acquisition of Avon Automotive, a structuring acquisition (+50% of sales), bringing to the group a business (rubber), locations (North America) and customers (Big 3) that are highly complementary. Creation of 2 factories in China, 2 in Mexico and one in Morocco, from site selection to specification.

Industrie automobile

August 2001 - March 2009

Divisional Director


Champfromier - France

Turnaround in less than a year of the Engine Division and the UK subsidiary of MGI Coutier, which were generating heavy losses. The same applies to the locking systems division, whose fixed costs I reduced, enabling it to get through the 2008 crisis without a hitch.

Industrie automobile

July 2000 - August 2001

Divisional Director


Limoges - France

Negotiation of a 35-hour agreement at no extra cost, despite a majority and hostile CGT.

His education

  • 1993 : MBA INSEAD
  • 1984 : Ingénieur Ecole Centrale Paris

Its missions

  • I have advised several investment funds on acquisitions in the automotive industry, which is undergoing profound changes that are difficult to predict.

Languages (3)

  • Anglais : courant
  • En allemand : notions
  • En espagnol : intermediaire

Skills (6)

  • International Development
  • Management, structuring, team leadership
  • Reversal
  • Cost reduction

Activity areas (2)

  • Automotive
  • Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Types of business (5)

  • Companies in difficulty
  • Family businesses
  • Groups and large companies
  • Investment funds and holding companies
  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups