Jean-Paul Chantry Expert premium

Jean-Paul Chantry

Interim General Management Manager


Indicative price: € 1250 - 1375 / day

Jean-Paul Chantry Expert premium

Jean-Paul Chantry

Premium Expert

Interim General Management Manager


"Actuating the various levers of corporate performance"
"Make your company a REFERENTED company on its current and future markets, made up of REFERENTED teams and personalities".
Value: Ethics, team, pragmatism and results.

Indicative price € 1250 - 1375 / day

"Actuating the various levers of corporate performance"
"Make your company a REFERENTED company on its current and future markets, made up of REFERENTED teams and personalities".
Value: Ethics, team, pragmatism and results.


Jean-Paul is available from the 01-09-2020

Jean-Paul is available for missions Full time, Time sharing, Special mission

Jean-Paul moves to the European level

The expert in a few words....

Transition Manager since 2002, General Management and Development Department.

Proven sector versatility: building materials, glass, flexible food packaging, high technology, metal processing, B2B and B2C activities, printing.

SME, industrial ETI where the shareholder expresses his dissatisfaction with profitability and growth: crisis or turnaround situation.

Growing, mature and declining sectors.

His specific skills

  • Interim manager since 2002: objective given within a given timeframe with the mission of putting in place the teams that will guarantee the continuity of the actions undertaken
  • General management with the mantra of activating the various performance levers both at the income statement and balance sheet level: generating profitable sales, working on costs, productivity, debt, cash management
  • Change Management: setting objectives, supporting teams and individuals, keeping a structuring thread, giving responsibility, accepting mistakes and leading teams to performance
  • restructure the company, if necessary implement layoffs without the risk of industrial action, optimize resources, AND reorient the company towards growth by meeting customers and prospects
  • Developing companies in their current market and in new markets: registering the growing company: Casterman, Soprofen, IPBS, Dessain are examples of successful business development in highly competitive sectors
  • Mobilization of the teams around the new project and negotiation with the unions in a conflict situation: firm and direct speech, restructuring without social conflict, new company agreement, contact with staff representative bodies and stakeholders

His experience

Jean-Paul has 35 years of experience

Sécurité civile

December 2020 - July 2021

deputy general manager

Groupe Parflam

Saint-Ouen l'Aumône - France

company failing to provide customer service in the field of fire safety and prevention. non-compliance with regulatory procedures, cumbersome administration, untrained teams, single-skilled positioning with lower added value, remuneration system not adapted to the market

Matériaux de construction

November 2019 - June 2020

General Management

Fit In Network

Marseille - France

In the Construction and metal transformation sector, mission of General Manager of an SME company (86 FTE) in recovery phase - exit from safeguard plan - , boosting sales, strengthening management teams, monitoring and improving operating performance, setting up the industrial project, optimising logistics flows.

Situation at the time of taking up the post:
Company in safeguard plan, difficulties for the management to transform the decisions taken into results, reorganization and restructuring of the company incomplete two months before the end of the observation period.

Decisions: proposal and implementation of the restructuring and redeployment of the company - PLEC, closure of unprofitable points of sale, commercial project towards new markets, industrial project concentrated on the mother production site - investments, logistic flows, administrative simplification

Exit from the observation period of the safeguard plan recorded, establishment of a calm and constructive social climate, cost rationalization, new developments and investments.
Management of the economic crisis linked to the Covid 19 pandemic: cash management, health management, progress of projects.


January 2018 - March 2019

General Management


Châtelineau - Belgium

reorganization of the management: new factory and sales management
reduction of marketing costs and reorientation towards the development of the network of retailers and manufacturers reorganisation of the sales team for development in areas with greater potential and towards a range of products with better margins (Flanders, screen products)

His education

  • 2017 : Management de Transition, IFMT, Module 2
  • 2007 : IEMBA, Louvain School of Management
  • 1995 : Master in Finance Administration, Cooremans, 1er semestre
  • 1990 : CEPAC, Solvay
  • 1985 : Administration Entreprises, UCL
  • 1984 : Licence en Droit

Its missions

  • Reorganized 2 Belgian subsidiaries of Soprofen Fr (closure of housing). context: broken trust between parent company and subsidiaries. Implemented the new organization, the development of new market segments and products. Restructured the management. Trust restored

  • Worked for the Sogepa (regional invest for companies in difficulty) in 2 companies: Argibat and Romato. Worked on debt, debt restructuring, negotiation with banks, suppliers, shareholders, implementation of product development.

  • Restructured IPBS in Rennes. Company coming out of a safeguard plan, conflictual context. Renegotiated the lease debt with a 2M € debt waiver, organised collective redundancy without any risk to the labour court, repositioned the company with the GD. (3Jsem)

  • I redeveloped Casterman Printing in Tournai (Be). Company coming out of bankruptcy. From 0 € to 25 M € turnover in 5 years. Awarded the Gazelles Trends Large Company Trophy in 2007. Positioned Casterman on new markets, directed an investment of 15 M €. Member of CODIR.

  • Accompanied Casterman Printing towards the exit of the sector from 2008 to 2013 (2Jsem). In a declining market (printing), implemented the exit of the company from the sector without social conflict with President of the Group.

  • Redeveloped 3 companies in the same sector by proposing a commercial alliance: Casterman, IPBS, Rémy Roto, complementary companies, on export markets: movement towards consolidation of the sector

Languages (1)

  • English : fluent

Skills (3)

  • Operational pragmatism
  • Leadership
  • Adaptation to teams and environment

Activity areas (5)

  • Construction
  • Publishing
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Building Materials
  • Security and Investigations

Types of business (4)

  • Companies in difficulty
  • Family businesses
  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises