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What is the FIT in NETWORK®?

The FIT in NETWORK® is the reference platform for transition management and timeshare.

Our know-how: your tailor-made transition.

FIT in NETWORK® is a member of the FIT in GROUP® network.

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Who are we?

A community of qualified experts with a minimum of 15 years of experience.

The FIT in NETWORK® community has three areas of expertise:

    • Management: for all operational management functions
    • Finance: for all businesses around the numbers ;


The FIT in NETWORK® community is committed to its values:

  • The commitment.
  • Results orientation.
  • Caring.

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How does it work?

The FIT in NETWORK® experts carry out their mission in transition management and timeshare according to our clients’ needs.

The FIT in NETWORK® is the client’s commercial contact and bills the mission: each expert bills the FIT in NETWORK® for his.her services under a subcontracting or wage portage contract, depending on his.her situation and choice.

As an expert, you create a profile and ask for it to be put online. It is reviewed and validated by the FIT in NETWORK® Human Resources administrator before it is online. Then you join the FIT in NETWORK® community and have access to information on missions, news, events organized by the network.

Once online, your profile is visible for our missions and throughout the market nationally and internationally.

As a company, you benefit from the expertise of the FIT in NETWORK® community . Two operating modes are available to you:

  • You create a company account and you create a mission form to post it to the entire FIT in NETWORK® community.
  • Or you can also directly propose your mission to the experts.
  • You do not create an account and you create a mission sheet and send it to the FIT in NETWORK® which selects, for you and according to your needs, the tailor-made experts who are then proposed to you.

Why use the FIT in NETWORK®?

As an expert, you:

  • Join a community of qualified experts.
  • Find missions.
  • Have a targeted and increased professional visibility.
  • Can participate in our periodic meetings.
  • Are informed in priority about our news and profile searches.


As a company, you:

  • Drop missions.
  • Have access to the FIT in NETWORK®community of experts, can filter and contact our experts directly.
  • You can trust the FIT in NETWORK® to find the taylor-made expert to meet your needs.
  • Benefit from interventions throughout France and internationally (Europe, United States, Middle East, Africa).
  • Have an experienced and trusted network to support you in your projects.

How to contact us?

Via our contact form and/or by e-mail to and/or by telephone to +33 1 53 89 09 79

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