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What is the validation of a company account?

The company fills in the mandatory fields to be able to request validation of its account from an administrator of the FIT in NETWORK® site.
Once the account is validated, the company can publish missions.


How to propose a mission to a particular expert?

In all cases, the mission must be notified in advance.

If an expert is relevant, click on the Suggest an assignment button.

If you have created a list of relevant experts, click on the Suggest a mission to the list button.

How to modify/delete a mission?

From your Company space, access the list of your missions ; then, for the mission of your choice, click on the “Modify” button or on the “Delete” button.

How to mark that a mission is “completed”?

As a company, you receive a notification at the end of the mission. In your company space, you can indicate that the mission is completed in its status.

How to attach a file to a mission?

Click on Modify Mission, then on Attached Files

The experts and me

Can I send a private message to the experts?

You can contact an expert by clicking on the Contact the expert button.

Can I ask an expert for more information on his profile? (On his experience for example)

You can request more information from an expert by clicking on the Contact the expert button (only valid if the expert in question is a Premium member).

How to communicate with an expert?

You can contact a Premium Expert by clicking on the “Contact the Expert” button on his.her profile. Communication with non-Premium members is only possible within the framework of a mission.

Can I communicate with an expert outside the scope of a mission?

Outside the scope of a mission, a connected company can only communicate with Premium Experts.

How to search for an expert?

Go to page Experts and use the filters to refine your search.

How to give a rate to an expert?

At the end of the mission, you will receive an e-mail asking you to rate the expert.

How to put an expert in my list?

On the expert’s profile, click on the Add to My List button.

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