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How do I display my profile on the web site?

Request validation of your profile and, once validated, it will appear.

Can I refuse to appear on the web site?

You can temporarily disable your profile. In My Account > Security, click on Disable.

Is it necessary to fill in all the information requested on the site?

To be able to submit your profile for validation, you must fill in all the fields indicated as mandatory.

How do I report that I am unavailable?

Change the Availability field in your profile.

Who can see my personal information?

All experts and companies connected with an account validated by our administrators can see your information.

Your contact information will never be shared on the FIT in NETWORK®. Companies already have secure ways to contact you via the platform’s messenger.

We are attentive to the regulations in force to protect your personal data (RGPD) and we guarantee you full ownership of your data. For more information or for any recommendation, do not hesitate to contact us at

How do I promote my profile?

Your profile is highlighted according to the following parameters:

  • Subscription to a Premium module
  • The completion percentage of your profile (maximum 100%)
  • The number of godchildren you have sponsored
  • The date of the last update of your profile

Becoming a Premium Expert guarantees you to pass directly in front of all Freemium members. If you are a Premium and want to improve your visibility among other Premium members, it is recommended to complete your profile as much as possible, invite new members to the platform via sponsoring, and regularly update your profile. The more you sponsor new members, the more your profile is highlighted!

We also recommend that you add a professional high definition photo to your profile.

Is it possible to add several resumes to my profile? (different languages)

You can save several resumes in My profile > Skills.

How to set your price?

The price is an important commercial parameter that can vary according to the duration and intensity of the proposed mission: full-time or shared. The longer the mission is, the more competitive your rate can be. The same effect applies to a full-time interim management mission, which is generally offered at a more competitive price than a timeshare mission.

Our recommendation is to propose a reasonable average price, in the form of a range of +/- 100 euros per day, corresponding to the price before tax that you propose to bill the FIT in NETWORK® in the context of a tripartite relationship. Depending on the mission that will be proposed to you, this price may be between the parties in order to find the best balance and carry out the greatest number of missions.

To appear in the selections by price range, propose a fair daily price that will allow us to contact you as often as possible!

How do I move the order of my experiences/diplomas on my profile?

Your experiences and diplomas are automatically presented in descending order of date.

How to choose your slogan?

Be concise. Stay true to your experiences and skills. Be yourself and unique.

Premium Module

What are the advantages of being premium?

As a Premium Expert, your visibility is increased:

  • You appear at the top of the list on the FIT in NETWORK® platform and on the expert selection pages.
  • Your first name, full name, city and department appear in the summary of your Premium Expert profile.
  • Your profile stands out on the FIT in NETWORK® platform thanks to the Expert Premium pictogram.
  • Your LinkedIn profile is visible on your Premium Expert profile thanks to a pictogram.
  • You can add a professional document and a link to a website to your Premium Expert profile.
  • You receive a process to report your membership in the FIT in NETWORK® community on your LinkedIn profile.

As a Premium Expert, you have access to privileged services:

  • Enjoy preferential rates from our network of partners: photographs, insurance companies, accountants, lawyers, banks and many others.
  • Participate for free at national and regional community meetings of the FIT in NETWORK®.
  • Access for free to thematic conferences organized by the FIT in NETWORK®.
  • Sponsor new missions and receive a commission, as business provider, equal to 5.0% of the revenues billed and cashed for a maximum of 6 months.
  • And enjoy many more services to come!


What are the payment methods for the Premium module? (Paypal/Credit card)

You can pay by credit card.

Can I become Freemium again if I am Premium?

The subscription is tacitly renewed and any commitment period started is due.

To stop being a Premium Expert, go to and click on “Cancel my subscription”.

The automatic renewal will then be desabled and you will be Freemium once your Premium subscription period has expired.

You will then lose all the advantages reserved for Premium experts.


Can I see the missions proposed by companies without an account?

To access the details of the missions, it is necessary to have an Expert account.

What is the exchange process between the expert and the company to conclude a mission?

Are you interested in a mission? All you have to do is clicking on the “I am applying” button.

A company offers you a mission? You can choose between the “I answer to the mission” button and the “I decline the mission” button.

In case of mutual interest, the exchange and negotiation phases take place outside the platform.

In the case of a respective agreement, the contract is also sent and signed outside the platform. Once signed, this contract binds both parties.

How to make a quote?

The quote must allow you to meet a need expressed by a client or by the FIT in NETWORK® in the search for an expert for a given mission.
It is a question of being the fairest, in relation to the difficulty of the mission, its duration and the level of commitment that it implies for you. The longer the duration is, the more competitive you can be compared to the resulting daily rate and, in any case, we invite you to remain open to discussion to find the right balance between all parties: customers, expert and the FIT in NETWORK®.

For an intervention in your area of residence, the quote includes travel expenses.
If the intervention is outside of your region of residence, the quote does not include travel expenses, which are then discussed and agreed separately with the client, according to his.her mobility policy.

As we wish to conclude together the greatest number of missions, we recommend that you be fair and flexible in estimating your quote.

How do I get a rating on my profile?

At the end of the mission, an e-mail is automatically sent to the company asking it to rate the expert.

Can I delete a rating that has been assigned to me?

In case of disagreement on the rating received, you can request the FIT in NETWORK®‘ arbitration via the contact form.

Companies and me

How do I have access to a company profile?

There is no access to the profile of the companies, but only to the missions they offer.

How can I communicate with a company?

There are two ways to communicate with a company:

– If you are a Premium expert, any company (and even any expert) can contact you to communicate via FIT in NETWORK® messenger.

– Otherwise, if you are Freemium, you will be able to communicate freely with the company responsible for the mission when you are assigned to a mission on FIT in NETWORK®.

Can we communicate with a company outside the scope of an assignment?

Outside the scope of a mission, it is not possible to contact a company.

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