Digital transformation mission

Securing data and operating a master data

Pictogram company

Business sector

Industry, raw material processing

Type of business

French subsidiary of a Canadian group, listed in Montreal

Company size

€1.2 billion turnover.  
15,000 employees in Europe and the Middle East

Pictrogramme travail

Country, city

France, head office in Paris-La-Défense

Type of assignment

Digital Transformation and Data Security assignment
9 months of Interim Management followed by recruitment


Master Data Manager, Europe and Middle East Zone


In preparation for a migration to SAP S4/HANA, the company decided to implement a new strategy for managing its data.

After an unsatisfactory internal search for skills, the company decided to call on an interim manager, a data expert, to save time and efficiency.
It is in this area of digital transformation that a FIT in NETWORK® expert intervened.


Réponse apportée par FIT in NETWORK® au besoin urgent de transformation digitale et de sécurisation des données de l'entreprise

Before starting its project, the IT department turned to FIT in NETWORK® to find THE missing competence in digital transformation. We therefore launched a targeted search for available and experienced digital transformation experts.

FIT in NETWORK® presented in 6 working days a shortlist of 4 experts, one of whom was selected for this mission. The digital transformation of the company could thus begin.

To start the digital transformation mission, the first step was to fully understand the client's expectations. Indeed, understanding the expectations is crucial for the smooth running of an interim management assignment.

You have to understand them in terms of the scope of the project, the experience required and the position within the organisation. The Group's International IT Services Director, who is piloting the SAP migration project for each subsidiary, must ensure the quality of her "Master Data".


In the course of this interim management assignment, which was aimed at securing data, the existing manager was able to implement the following actions:


- Carry out a complete mapping of all the data management systems in place;
- Analyse the existing processes for the management of the company's data;
- Proposed and implemented all communication patches between the systems;
- Align the data management strategy in all subsidiaries, i.e. some twenty countries in Europe and the Middle East;
- Coordinate all master data management actions
- Implementing data management and quality processes at group level.


Following an initial 6-month phase, extended to 9 months, the mission carried out enabled the implementation of a real data governance, which has become a strategic asset for the group's operational efficiency.

In conclusion, the digital transformation has been initiated by the subsidiary and will continue in the weeks and months to come.

Résultats obtenus au cours de la transformation digitale sur 9 mois


With the data secured, the group was able to launch its new SAP S4/HANA ERP on schedule.

As for our interim manager, he was recruited by our client to participate in this new adventure.
The digital transformation was able to continue for the group over the following months


Succès de la mission de management de transition de 9 mois pour la transformation digitale d'une filiale de groupe

"When we launched our "data governance" project, we had planned to entrust this mission to an expert with a financial focus and a sensitivity to information systems.

In view of the shortlist proposed by FIT in NETWORK®, we decided to entrust this mission to a true "digital project manager" with an information systems engineering background.

This choice proved to be the right one to carry out our projects and also led us to recruit the interim manager at the end of the 9-month assignment.

The "FIT" was quickly completed with the manager seconded by FIT in NETWORK®. This experience is a success for us. "


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