General Services Manager

Interim management

Pictogramme entreprise

Sector of activity

Public Authority

Type of company

Local authority

Company size

Municipality with more than 20,000 inhabitants

Pictrogramme travail

Pays, ville

Haut de France

Type de mission

Management de transition


Reporting directly to the Pole Manager.


Fit in Network undertook the process of selecting candidates to meet the needs of the client, a local authority located in the Hauts-de-France region. After careful evaluation of the candidates' skills and experience, a shortlist of qualified professionals was presented to the customer. One of these candidates was selected. This decision was made taking into account the client's specific requirements, including the ability to lead a large team, work closely with local elected officials and implement transformation initiatives in a dynamic municipal environment. The successful candidate demonstrated the skills and experience necessary to successfully meet these challenges, making him the ideal choice for this crucial role.



Municipality with over 20,000 inhabitants

Management of a team of civil servants & contract staff, over 200 people

Numerous projects underway: services, infrastructures, intercommunality

Regular interaction with teams from the Département and the Région

Dynamic municipal council elected on a program of transformation

Motivated municipal team highly committed to elected officials


You will work closely and effectively with the Mayor of the commune.

You manage a team of several Directors & Heads of Department

You will develop exchanges between municipal teams and elected representatives.

Your main missions are as follows:

  • Coordinating the current budget process
  • Operational management of the community's strategic orientations
  • Providing supportive leadership to municipal teams
  • Monitor ongoing projects to ensure they are progressing smoothly
  • Institutional representation of the public authority
  • Organize regular exchanges with elected officials
  • Fostering a positive dynamic within municipal teams


In the selection process, the successful candidate had to meet several essential criteria. Firstly, he/she had to have previously held the position of Director General of Services (DGS) within a public authority, thus demonstrating solid experience in the management of public affairs. In addition, a minimum of 15 years' professional experience was required, demonstrating expertise and maturity in the field. In-depth knowledge of the local authority environment was also essential, as was proven experience in public budget management, to ensure efficient and responsible financial management of public resources. These criteria were carefully examined during the selection process, and the final choice was guided by the candidate's ability to meet these specific requirements.