Site Production Manager

Interim Management Mission

Pictogramme entreprise

Sector of activity

Subsidiary of an international group based in Slovakia.

Type of business

Small series and high precision production activity.

Company size

Growing business with capacity constraints.

Pictrogramme travail

Country, city


Type of mission

Interim Management mission.


The manager is the right hand of the local management and co-manages all operational activities.


For one of our industrial clients, an international group with production activities in several European countries, we proposed a mission as a Site Production Manager.

This excellent Interim Management mission allowed us to develop the international dimension, in the Eastern European countries, by being based in Slovakia.


It is a subsidiary of an international group based in Slovakia. The production site has about 150 employees. Its production activity is small series and high precision. The products are distributed throughout Europe. Its activity is in growth with capacity constraints.


Production Manager
The manager was the right hand of the local management and co-managed all the operational activities of the company :

Adjust production plans:

-Study manufacturing files and analyze production constraints;
-Define production plans, necessary resources and processes.

Production Management:

-Ensure the continuity of the production flow, from stock procurement to the shipment of finished goods;
-Control the application of the workload plans, follow the manufacturing objectives.
-Ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices.


Minimum 10 years experience in a similar role.
Knowledge of the industry.
Experience in Eastern Europe = a plus for this mission.
Fluency in English and French.

Management skills.
Sense of priorities, practical approach.
Very operational attitude.