Aeronautical project management

Interim Management Mission

Pictogramme entreprise

Sector of activity

Aeronautical industry

Type of company

Subsidiary of a group listed in Paris

Company size

100 million € turnover
550 employees in France

Pictrogramme travail

Country, city

France, head office in Orléans

Type of mission

Management mission, lack of skills after the covid
6 months of Interim Management followed by a recruitment


Aeronautical Project Manager, France


Due to a sharp decline in business during the Covid 19 period, the company had to reduce its workforce.

There has been a significant recovery from the downsizing, and new orders have been placed.

Our client therefore lacks the available skills to manage its new projects.

The company therefore decided to recruit an Aeronautical Program Manager on a permanent contract (CDI).

In the meantime, our client decided to call on an interim manager to quickly have an experienced and immediately available skill.


Signature du contrat pour entamer la transformation digitale et la sécurisation des données pendant 9 mois de la filiale

The client contacted us for a Manager requirement due to a lack of skills after containment.

They are looking for a manager who is available to start their mission within 15 days.

We obviously responded favourably to his request, and launched the search through our network.

With over 29,000 contacts in our network, we were able to propose 2 experts within 5 days who met the criteria, were immediately available, and were located within a 50km radius of the client's site.

One of them was received in Visio and the "FIT" was carried out directly with our client.

This Program Manager, with 10 years of experience in the aeronautical sector, started his mission 14 days after our client's pitch.


The challenges of this transitional management mission were both to ensure a relationship with external customers, airlines, and to align the internal organization to meet deadlines.

The manager in place managed to fill the skills gap after the lockdown.

On several large projects, the interim manager was able to:

  • Implement the "Design To Cost" methodology to determine the most appropriate design;
  • Analyze technical issues and provide solutions with the teams;
  • Establish project execution plans such as development schedules, customer estimates and budgets;
  • Guarantee the respect of Quality, Costs, Deadlines and Risksindicators;
  • Lead and supervise all project teams;
  • Implement FAR 25, GRESS, ABD100 standards within the company;
  • Deploy productqualification processes : PMA, STC;
  • Supervise the manufacturing phase of the first parts and the validation of deliverables to customers;

The interim manager was the guarantor of "Change Management" in the management of the programmes, thus accompanying the transformation of the company.

Of the 4 main aeronautical programs that were behind schedule at the beginning of the mission, from 60 to 90 days, 3 were able to return to their initial schedule.


At the end of his 6-month assignment, our interim manager joined our client's teams, with our approval.

He was recruited on a permanent contract (CDI) and continues his professional development within a very fine group.


"The two professionals presented by FIT in NETWORK, within just a few days, were very good.

It was difficult for us to choose between the two, as we only had one position to fill!

The contribution of this mission, which lasted 6 months, allowed us to evolve our working methods and to bring new skills within the company.

We continued to look for a permanent post-mission solution and, in the end, it was the interim manager in place who proved to have the best profile for our company.

The recruitment of the professional on a permanent contract enabled us to consolidate our organisation while having tested his know-how and interpersonal skills for 6 months."


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