Complex Projects Management & Engineering Management

Interim Management Mission

Pictogramme entreprise

Sector of activity

Large complex projects in the environment and renewable energies

Type of company

Industrial group, privately owned company

Company size

650 million € turnover.
1.500 employees in Europe, Africa and Middle East

Pictrogramme travail

Country, city

France, headquartered in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region (PACA)

Type of mission

Management replacement mission before a retirement
6 months, extended to 9 months, followed by a recruitment in permanent contract


Director of Engineering, Europe, Africa & Middle East Zone


The incumbent of the position within the company is retiring in 1 month.

The client has been looking to recruit a replacement via the internet, but the search for a replacement has been unsuccessful.

The company has decided to launch a permanent recruitment, which will take between 4 and 6 months due to the notice period (3 months) by the professional who will be recruited.

Our client has therefore launched a parallel interim management mission to have an expert in place within a maximum of 15 days.


The Vice President of Human Resources contacted us on the recommendation of a previous client.
This search is highly confidential, no information has been communicated internally as the group wishes to communicate as soon as a replacement solution has been determined.
The group's clients should not doubt the continuity of the strategic projects on which our Engineering Department is working.
The client has given us a deadline of one week to find available candidates.
Given our experience in this type of function, we reassured the client that we were able to determine a shortlist of experienced and available experts within a maximum of 6 working days.
After a targeted and express search among the professionals in our network, we presented a selection of 4 candidates to our client.
Among them, we identified a former employee of the group who has since become an interim manager, specialising in management.
Two professionals were retained for the final phase: an Operations & Engineering Director, and a Complex Projects & Engineering Director.
The second expert was selected because of his experience as a project manager and his experience as an engineering manager in an industrial group.
The interim management mission to replace a retirement will therefore begin 16 days after the first call from our client.


During this interim management mission to replace a retirement, the manager in place was able to implement the following actions:

  • Organized the transfer of skills with the incumbent, who retired 15 days after the beginning of the mission;
  • Management of an international team of 110 engineers, experts in their field, in 12 different countries;
  • Participation in the validation commissions of the calls for tenders within the Comex of the group;
  • Supervision of the follow-up of the main projects in their execution and acceptance phases;
  • Preservation of the profitability of complex projects, by providing technical solutions;
  • Contributing to the situation of the clients on the industrial and technological dimensions;

During this interim management assignment :

  • Our client has won 2 major international projects, one in Africa (45 million €) and the second in the Middle East (120 million €);
  • The technical solutions were found and validated by the Engineering Department during the mission;
  • Our client took delivery of 2 large projects in Europe (UK, France) on time;
  • The initial budget was exceeded but compensated by amendments concluded during our interim mission;


At the client's request, our manager's mission was extended to 9 months.

At the end of this period, our manager ensured the handover to his successor, recruited on a permanent basis.

The engineering team was revitalized and partly renewed by the natural departure of 5 members.

They were replaced by as many new recruits in France, Italy and Dubai.


"This was our first interim management assignment, as we had previously used contracting companies.

This allowed us to test this contractual model and to benefit from the experience provided by FIT in NETWORK during the entire mission follow-up phase.

The mission expert gave us the benefit of his expertise accumulated in other Groups.

This led us to change our internal organisation and to integrate engineering skills well upstream of our future projects.

Our conclusion is that this solution was relevant for us, it allowed us to progress and to have an independent and fresh look at our managerial practices."


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