Capex Buyer Industry

Interim Management

Pictogramme entreprise


Heavy industry, B2B

Company type

Industrial group.

Company size

Major Capex investments for mass production.

Pictrogramme travail

Country, city

Based in Paris, France

Type of mission

Interim Management Mission.


Reports to the company's Purchasing Director.


On behalf of our client, we were offered a new and engaging Interim Management Mission as a Capex Buyer for the industry (M/F).

This mission was intended to bolster the current organization, enabling us to oversee all Capex purchases for a new industrial project aimed at expanding our customer's production capacity. It involved several industrial sites across France over a minimum period of 6 months.

Located at the Group's head office in the Paris region, the Interim Manager was in direct contact with the project manager and the technical correspondents at the concerned industrial sites. Travel was required to ensure the proper coordination of Capex purchases.


Industrial company, member of a Group.
Process industry with continuous activities.
Major Capex investments for mass production.
Production of goods for BtoB distribution only.


Reporting Structure and Functional Relationships The Purchasing Manager reported directly to the company's Purchasing Director, maintaining functional relationships with various managers across departments. This position also held operational relations with technical correspondents situated on project sites, ensuring smooth coordination and execution of purchasing activities.

Key Responsibilities and Missions The primary mission involved leading the Capex purchasing for a significant industrial project, dedicating approximately 80% of the time to this endeavor. This responsibility included overseeing all aspects of procurement, from selecting suppliers to negotiating contracts that aligned with project specifications.

In addition to the main project, the Purchasing Manager supported the Purchasing Department in several other industrial projects. This role was crucial in assisting with the procurement needs across various departments, ensuring that each project received the necessary resources and attention.

A critical aspect of the role was to ensure compliance with the Group’s processes, budgets, and purchasing schedules. The Manager was responsible for adhering to established protocols and guidelines, maintaining budget integrity, and ensuring timely deliveries and project progression.

The position also entailed managing all industrial purchasing for dedicated projects. The Purchasing Manager took a proactive approach in handling project-specific purchases, ensuring that all industrial components were procured efficiently and met the high standards expected by the company.

Outcome and Contributions Through diligent management and strategic purchasing, the Purchasing Manager significantly contributed to the successful execution of the industrial projects. The role not only demanded extensive knowledge of procurement practices but also required a strong ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with various stakeholders, ensuring that all purchasing activities supported the broader project goals and company objectives.


Mechanical, electrical or other engineering background;
Experience in process industries such as aluminum, chemicals, steel, nuclear, glass, mining;
Around 10-15 years' professional experience in Capex purchasing;
Ideal background: Purchasing, Maintenance, Industrial Project Manager;
Perfect French, fluent and professional English.

Autonomous but team player;
Excellent communication skills;
Work in project and matrix mode;
Ability to understand and challenge technical aspects.