Announcement of partnership with HER’OES

FIT in GROUP® and HER’OES and associates wanted to develop a partnership to best serve the interests of their respective clients and the professionals active within their organisations through :

  • For FIT in GROUP: Interim management and Timesharing solutions for large companies, investment funds, SMEs and ETIs in three areas: Management, Finance and Human Resources;
  • For HER’OES and associates: a management consulting firm specialising in quality of life at work (QWL) and professional equality, dedicated to helping you attract and, above all, retain your employees through the two subjects of QWL and professional equality.

The promotion of professional equality, the development of the role of women in our businesses and QWL are strong values of our network.
This partnership also strengthens our ecosystem of solutions for companies that can benefit from HER’OES’ support. For our mission experts, it is an additional asset to serve the best interests of our clients.

Bruno d’Artagnan, President of FIT in GROUP®.

This partnership allows us to address the issue of professional equality in interim management, a topic that is still too little discussed. It also enables people working in the Human Resources sector to establish this culture within companies and to work concretely for change.

Margaux and Agathe Terrou, Founders of HER’OES and associates