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Executive Express Recruitment

­čÜĘ New Executive Express Recruitment offer for companies ­čÜĘ

Beyond Interim Management, FIT in NETWORK┬«´ŞĆ now offers this new offer to meet the skills needs of companies. Our vocation is to provide companies with the skills they need and professionals with new long-term projects!

In just a few days, thanks to our expert platform FIT in NETWORK┬«´ŞĆ and our direct access to a network of more than 5,000 professionals, we can offer you a shortlist of competent experts pre-qualified by us, immediately available for direct recruitment on permanent contracts.

If you want to recruit professionals on permanent contracts very quickly, this offer is made for you!

ԜŴŞÄ For more information, contact us by email Ôťë´ŞĆ

and by phone at ­čô× +33 1 53 59 09 79
ԜŠIf you would like to know more about our Express Executive Recruitment services for permanent contracts: click here ­čĹë