How can you disconnect as much as possible from work during your hollidays ?

For some people, this may seem like the ABCs, but it's important to remember that there's nothing worse than leaving work with uncertainties and unanswered questions.

Preparing for your departure

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure you're prepared :

  • Avoid taking on new files or signing up to new projects a week before you leave.
  • Take stock of your current and future tasks.
  • Be sure to prepare your automatic out-of-office message.
  • Learn to delegate and choose a trusted back-up at the office who will be able to react in an emergency without having to call you.

Telephone, notifications : cut all links with work

Say goodbye to anything that might cause you to "fall off the wagon", such as Gmail, Slack, Evernote, LinkedIn, Shapr... Embrace relaxation! Do you have a work phone? No need to take it with you. Do you use your personal phone? Get your emails and notifications out of sync. Even try to free yourself from it for a few days: without social networks, you'll often be able to enjoy your holidays more freely.

Launching a new activity

Creative and sporting activities are a great way to take your mind off things. They generate endorphins, plunge us into a state of intense concentration and bring out our emotions. In short, a perfect cocktail to take your mind off your professional worries. Long walks, drawing workshops, scuba diving, pottery... anything to keep your mind occupied!

Forget productivity

Let your brain take a break for a few days or even a few weeks. Follow your instincts, your desires and your intuitions. Thinking about what you 'should be doing' rather than what you 'would like to be doing' will lead you into a logic of making the most of your holiday time, which will only lead to stress. So enjoy yourself!

Playing it slow

Switch off your alarm clock, take pleasure in experiencing things slowly, without necessarily planning ahead, and enjoy day by day. You can also avoid looking at the clock, and try to spend time with people who don't remind you of your work. Even if your colleagues have become your friends and you want to see them, a cure for solitude is good too!


Holidays are an essential time off for all employees. Not replying to your client or employer cannot be a reason for prejudice or have consequences for your job. On the other hand, employees also have to respect certain conditions, such as not being able to work for another employer during their paid holidays. Otherwise, they can be taken to court and pay damages to the unemployment insurance scheme.

Happy disconnecting!

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