Interim manager: the operational coach of modern times

Thanks to his experience of more than 15 years, his mastery of the client market, his committed character and his rigorous working method, the interim manager is equipped to make his mission doubly effective within companies. All these characteristics are unique to him and are what make him suitable for the missions he has been assigned.

An interim manager must be able to start his mission quickly, exercise his leadership, provide operational solutions adapted to the problems of his clients and know how to rise to the occasion in all situations.

Indeed, the interim manager brings through his experience the relevance in his actions, which allows him to be clear and efficient in his operating methods. He is thus endowed with a sense of analysis and reflection that brings an external vision to the company thanks to his knowledge of the market. He assumes an essential role in the implementation of a strategy and is able to wait for the short and medium-term objectives that have been defined upstream of his mission.

Is the interim manager the modern-day coach?

Without going as far as psychology, he is endowed with a great ability to gain emotional height in order to feel what is going on in the company. This capacity of perception is essential in the accomplishment of his mission without having to enter into considerations of “domestic politics”.

Within the FIT in NETWORK® network, our process of pre-qualification and selection of the experts mandated for our missions enables us to provide our clients with both human and operational skills. Without being coaches, our interim managers bring a complementary “know-how” and “know-how” to achieve the expected results. Experienced, motivated, committed and attentive to clients, they bring their operational rigour and availability to meet the challenges of companies.

The coach and the interim manager are therefore two professionals who build a climate based on trust and respect, capable of integrating and accurately evaluating the multiple sources of information to present solutions to achieve the objectives set.

More and more in companies, the term “manager coach” is replacing the term “manager leader”.

The function of the manager-coach resides in the symbiosis between the position of leader (leader of man) and that of coach who centralizes human relations in his work.

This new player concentrates everyone’s energies to ensure everyone’s success, making each member of the team complementary and facilitating the group’s cohesion in the face of objectives. Under such conditions, the objectives of the interim management mission will be more easily achieved, or even exceeded, enabling the creation of value for client companies.

Can we deduce from this that the human element is taking more and more of a place in the company in interim management assignments?

The development of human skills within organisations, their promotion and their decompartmentalisation within companies are major issues for the success of an interim management mission.

A manager alone, whatever his intrinsic skills and professional experience, will not be able to meet the challenges of the missions entrusted to him. His or her ability to release the energies available within companies, to bring out hidden skills and to lead the driving forces towards a common goal will enable us to achieve results together.

The interim manager does not stand above the fray, he is at the centre of his teams during the mission and distributes motivation and commitment actions. As a metaphor in relation to sport, he is the setter who allows his team to score goals and be victorious at the end of the game.

Its ability to sincerely value human relations and skills within companies guarantees the results of a successful mission!

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Bruno d’Artagnan,

President of the FIT in NETWORK® network