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FIT in NETWORK®, THE international network of available skills, has developed its expertise in three key functional areas: Management, Finance and Human Resources.

In Management, we excel in finding skills for positions such as General Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Logistics Manager, Industrial Manager, Health & Safety Manager and many other management functions.

In Finance, we excel at finding the right talent for positions such as Finance Director, Accounting Director or Manager, Management Control Director or Manager, Credit Management Manager, Treasury Director or Manager and various other financial positions.

In Human Resources, we excel at finding talent for positions such as Human Resources Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Business Partner and other HR management roles.

Are you also looking for new skills in Management, Finance or Human Resources to strengthen your organization?

If so, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll find the skills you're looking for!

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