Recruitment Executive Express – Water Operations and Maintenance Manager, Ref. 23.204

Our client is an international joint venture, made up of the most reputable companies in their field, currently engaged in a major water management contract in Saudi Arabia.

As part of this long-term contract, our client is committed to improving overall operational performance and strengthening the expertise of the management team. In this context, we have been mandated, on an exclusive and confidential basis, to rapidly find a key member of the management team.

We are therefore offering the position of  Water Operations and Maintenance Manager for this JV, based in a major city in Saudi Arabia. The successful candidate will then join this project as a key member of the management team and will be able to develop his/her own expertise.

As this is a major contract with strategic objectives, both for the customer and for the Saudi national vision 2030, we are looking for the most qualified professional with high-level experience in major water management contracts.

In this position in Saudi Arabia, the successful candidate will lead a large team, with experienced direct reports, and will be in charge of water management activities for a few million inhabitants in the country.

Once appointed, you will join a truly international team, comprising over 15 different nationalities, and be involved in a transformational project for the company and the country as a whole.

☑️ The company for this opportunity

International joint venture company
Composed of key international players in their respective fields: water management, civil engineering, contract management.
Based in Saudi Arabia, in the heart of a major city

Key contractual objectives:
- Improve drinking water quality
- Improve continuity and safety of drinking water service
- Optimize access to drinking water for new customers
- Transfer knowledge and experience
- Transform water management processes to meet the highest standards
Company with several thousand employees
Company in charge of millions of households for drinking water activities

☑️ The position

Water Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manager
Reports directly to the company's General Manager
Member of the management team

Your main responsibilities are to
- Play a leading role in all water distribution activities
- Ensure responsibility and monitoring of all water distribution services within your scope.
- Reinforce the transformation of operational processes and working methods.

You will manage a large team of several hundred employees, with the support of your direct reports.

As part of your mission, you will lead and supervise the following responsibilities:
- Optimize time-to-market for new customers
- Ensure proper training of your operational teams
- Manage water operation and maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency
- Supervise the work of contractors within your scope
- Implement new projects to improve working conditions
- Develop best practices in health, safety and environmental standards.

🏢 Position: based in Saudi Arabia, key national city
✈️ Professional mobility: mobile within contractual regional framework.
🚩 S tart date: ASAP, position currently open ready to be filled.
Working conditions: balance between team management and operational presence.
🏆 Package: includes accommodation, travel and installation allowances, tax-free package.

☑️ Your key skills and profile

Truly international profile.
Seniority in the position with experience of large-scale contracts.
Experience in water management activities (not in hydraulic construction activities).
Minimum 15 years' experience.
Engineering background with an internationally recognized degree.

Non-technical skills
Minimum command of English.
Knowledge of Arabic would be an asset.
Multicultural profile, ability to adapt and share knowledge.
Team spirit and willingness to join a dynamic and highly professional team.

🎯 You are MOBILE & QUICKLY available

This is an exclusive & confidential executive search for our client, time is of the essence and your rapid availability to take on this position will be a definite advantage.

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If so, send your CV + a targeted message by e-mail only to with reference 23.204.

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