Secretary General and Head of Financing

Currently in a phase of transformation and development of its activities, it has created a new position of Secretary General & Head of Financing to be filled as soon as possible.This position is available from the beginning of 2022.

Our client is a Public Utility Foundation developing its services in the medico-social sector.

Based in downtown Lyona dynamic and energetic city, this position is looking for a professional who has already developed his/her professional networks in the city of lights.

You are quickly available and know the public and/or private networks in Lyon, you have a recognized experience in setting up financing?

If so, this position is for you!

À your CVs, get ready, apply!

☑️ The Company

Foundation of intermediate size

Governed by a Board of Directors & a General Management

Numerous contacts with local public authorities: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Health & Education Ministries, Municipality, Social Services, etc.

Missions in the social, medico-social, educational and professional training sectors

☑️ The position to be filled

Double responsibility

Head of Financing

  • Research and implementation of financing
  • Development of partnerships with public bodies
  • Establishment of sponsorships and grants
  • Strengthening of private funding

General Secretariat

  • Supervision of accounting and financial activities
  • Follow-up of legal operations and the "social life" of the Foundation
  • In charge of Human Resources activities
  • Management of general services

Position with the management of a team of about ten employees

Member of the Executive Committee, reporting directly to the General Management

Participation in projects: national and international development, spinning off certain activities, strengthening partnerships

Representation of the Foundation in various public institutions

🏢 Position based in downtown Lyon

✈️ Carried out in person, telecommuting possible

🚩 Starting in early 2022

☑️ Your Profile

You have a professional network developed in Lyon

You have 10 to 20 years of experience at most

You have already set up public and private financing

You are a man or woman of action with an operational posture

You are familiar with accounting and financial aspects

You have worked in Foundations, Associations, the French or European Public Sector

You are willing to invest yourself in the new dynamics in place over the long term

Your English is fluent

You are dynamic and able to communicate easily

🎯 You are available quickly

This search is Exclusive & Express for our client

🦸♀️ 🦸♂️ Does your profile "FIT" with this opportunity?

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