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What we found

At a time when France and the global economy is getting ready to recover, companies are faced with choices of HR, operational and financial priorities.

You’re gonna have to deal with this:

  • Low demand and having to restart with your internal means.
  • Or an intense activity that will require additional resources or skills.

Our vision

You’re going to have to deal with two overlapping periods:

  • A short term period: management of the current crisis with health issues and team health, remote management, cash protection and continuation of activities for some in degraded mode; preparation of the commercial recovery plan with low visibility on the future behaviour of customers and suppliers.
  • A long-term period: changes in production methods, supply chains, hygiene & safety measures, teleworking and, more generally, the transformation of business models.

In this context, you will be confronted with certain weaknesses, threats but also many opportunities for improvement and development.

We can provide you with experienced business resources, immediately operational, to complement your teams and get through this ordeal successfully. The sooner you agree to be helped, the better your support and speed will be.

Our solution proposals in interim management assignments

We offer two interim management services to support the transformation of companies.


In the short term:

  • Managing the virus :
    • Supervise the implementation of health precautionary processes.
    • Pilot the feedback from the containment period to better pass the 2nd wave or the next pandemic.
  • To ensure Supply Chain operations:
    • Implement a crisis unit
    • Build a demand monitoring plan
    • Securing supplies for the rest of 2020
      • Restore the logistics activity to its nominal speed.
      • Replace missing resources
      • Fluidify upstream and downstream transport
    • Boosting operational activity in the warehouse
    • Relaunch the key company projects identified before the Covid crisis.

In the long term: towards a shorter, less dependent and sustainable supply chain

  • Building a Supply Chain Flexibility Plan
    • Based on feedback and a diagnosis of general dependency and in particular on suppliers and human resources.

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Grégoire Mayaud

Supply Chain Director

Christian Dubois

Chief Executive Officer

Frédéric Burak

Operational Expert

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