Testimony of Amaury de Guernon

Amaury de Guernon

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­čŚú´ŞĆ His testimonial

At the end of a professional life rich in experience, acquired in the 4 corners of the globe, ­čŚ║´ŞĆ in multicultural and international contexts. Having had to lead: innovation, transition, evolution, change management, involving all departments of a company.

Wanting to transmit and assist those who need to pass the capes of progress, technical, structural and transversal development. In order to cope with technical innovations, ideas, changes of all kinds and more generally, the fear of the unknown, individual qualities are no longer sufficient.

So the need to define the objective, create a team, federate skills, communicate, cooperate taking into account the human, and carry out all other actions (and they are numerous) in order to achieve the goal within the limits granted are obligatory passages! It is this experience that must be transmitted and thus avoid certain traps set by this adventure.

Belonging to the FIT in NETWORK┬«´ŞĆ network, these missions are achievable because it has among its members all the specialisations and specialists necessary for the success of such an adventure with spirit and cultural diversity without forgetting the necessary moral code.

At the end of the story, everyone is a winner and is enriched by an initially unimaginable experience.

Amaury de Guernon

Transition Manager in Purchasing Management

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