Testimony of Étienne Roger

Etienne ROGER

evokes in his testimony the strength of a hybrid profile, between public and private!
🗣️ His testimony

Following delays and malfunctions between the public authority in charge of deploying optical fibre in this department and the company holding the works contract, nothing is going well. The company is even considering terminating the contract for a while. In the end, it called on me to take over the management of the project thanks to my dual experience in public works companies and local authorities. Knowing the languages and expectations of each party, I unlocked the locks and re-established dialogue, and trust was restored in the company as well as in the client and partners in the area. In this mission, which combines team management, negotiation skills and political acumen, I provide the company – and the local authority – with a real service that will enable them to keep to the new schedule and make a success of the project.

Etienne Roger

Transition Manager in Project Management

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