Testimony of Gilles Combe

Gilles Combe, Director of Business Units in service companies for 25 years, and Transition Manager at FIT in NETWORK® he tells us about an outstanding mission in his career.

🗣️ His testimony

Within a service company, Gilles Combe carried out an interim management mission for 6 months to help the change in governance and transformation that was not well underway. His position for this mission was DG of 2 Business Units: cleaning and associated services.

Results Achieved

Resumption of the management of the teams (DR / DA), re-establishment of dialogue and trust with clients at risk, decisions and implementation of action plans to put the transformation back on track

The main points that made this mission successful were:

  • Quickly design the “rebound” plan and how to deploy it, with the CEO and with the teams to engage everyone
  • Mobilize teams at all levels around this plan by communicating widely
  • Stop the sources ofloss, reduce the costs that are not essential to the rebound and solve the maximum number of “historical” problems (work on profitability, cash and “irritants”)
  • Deploy customer loyalty actions
Témoignage de Gilles Combe

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