Testimony of Gilles Combe

Gilles Combe draws his balance sheet since he joined our network, we advocate efficiency as a result of a strong community! 💪 Together we learn and go further 🚀

🗣️ His testimony

I wanted to join the network for a very well done site: sober and efficient, well thought concept, interesting animation and collaborative work. The FIT in NETWORK®️ network, which I joined in April 2020, is taking a significant place in the interim management landscape due to its seriousness, its animation by the FIT in NETWORK®️ team and the willingness of its members, especially Premium, to be stronger, more visible and efficient together. 💪

How? By working together on offers, webinar animations, information sharing, best practices…all for the benefit of CUSTOMERS.

In short, a network where you want to get involved. I recommend my interim manager contacts to participate in premium mode!

More efficient with FIT in NETWORK®.

Gilles Combe

Manager of Transition Management

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