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! His manifesto focuses on the importance of training to have a strong company 🚀 Thanks to interim management we help companies to renew their practices and train their teams to gain skills and stability 🧘♂️
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Too many leaders think that competence is expensive. They’re wrong!

Competence certainly has a direct, visible, immediate cost, but this cost must be considered as an investment. It must be thought out, analysed, planned and organised. It is interesting to note that many managers do not hesitate to invest in very expensive machines on a simple excel chart showing promising savings.

On the other hand, they are very reluctant to invest in quality employees. And yes, competence is a quality that has become rare and must be paid for.

The direct consequence of not investing in competence is that the company’s organisation has to deal with incompetence, which generates costs, both direct and indirect, far greater than competence would have cost!

Skills are recruited, developed and cultivated.

It is the leader’s responsibility to recognize them, integrate them, grow them and take care of them! The durability and longevity of the company depends on it!

A company is first and foremost a group of men and women united around a project.

These few lines are not intended to teach a lesson to my entrepreneurial friends, but are a little reminder not to forget some basic values.

Jean-François Morel

Transition Manager in General Management

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