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Vittorio Martorano

describes FIT in NETWORK®️ as a great discovery, much more than just a consulting firm, much more than just a network of managers: a real resource of skills. Discover his complete testimony 👇
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In my career as an international credit manager, I have often worked in very complex transformation and reorganisation contexts, but rarely have I found such a fine team of professionals and experts as FIT in NETWORK®, managed by Mr Bruno d’ARTAGNAN: a well-balanced and distinctive combination of rewarding synergies, the know-how of unique business skills, and the interpersonal skills of professionals on a human scale. They are able to integrate respectfully into the organisational culture of client companies and to build, together with the organisation, a path of value creation and results that goes far beyond purely quantitative aspects. Quality of business contributions, open and rewarding dialogue, supportive collaboration, professional and regular follow-up of assignments with clients and the interim manager, in order to respond effectively and with human sensitivity to the different requirements of companies. A particularly distinctive and sought-after heritage of efficiency and transfer of business skills in this rather unprecedented context that we are living together. This is my current experience, in the framework of my current mission as interim credit manager within an international Group well focused on the overhaul of credit management processes for the creation of value in the management of receivables. I am really happy to be part of this group of professionals, as I am also so happy with the client organization that has welcomed me so well. FIT in NERWORK® has been for me a great discovery, much more than a consulting firm, much more than just a network of managers: a real resource of skills available to companies that want to evolve in terms of organizational collaboration so efficiently as in terms of effective results. Congratulations FIT in NETWORK®!

Vittorio Martorano

Credit Transition Manager

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