FIT in NETWORK® - COVID-19 & Organisation au Travail

The impact of the health crisis on the organization of work by FIT in NETWORK®.

Our Findings

The impact of the health crisis on the organization of work is strong. The health crisis and its impact have shattered the organization of work, the rules for organizing working hours, team management practices, and the measurement of activity and performance.

The functioning of teams with its formal rituals (daily, weekly, monthly meetings) and informal ones (coffee breaks, smoking, lunches with colleagues, sports activities with colleagues, afterwork) has exploded and been totally or partially replaced by virtual meetings, the informal ones having very often disappeared.

Moreover, industrial teams have had to continue working face-to-face against all odds, in the absence of daily contact, especially informal contact, with their office colleagues.

Finally, some employees who are more fragile or isolated in their personal lives have lost their footing and sometimes fallen into depression, with the risk of acting out. The anxiety-provoking nature of media coverage of the health situation is an aggravating factor. It even happens that some employees ask the occupational physician to obtain a recommendation to work in person for their employer!

Our vision

These observations highlight the risks of loss of cohesion within teams, between industrial and office teams, deterioration in the rate of absenteeism, and difficulties in measuring activity and performance for certain employees who no longer have daily contact with their manager.

Our offer of interim management solutions

Before they become permanent and therefore more difficult to challenge, it is urgent to audit the organisational rules that were urgently put in place in 2020, to create team rituals, to revisit job descriptions, the formulation of objectives and the tools for measuring collective performance, for example the criteria for calculating the profit-sharing bonus, and individual performance during monthly/quarterly and annual interviews, without being satisfied with annual interviews.

For employees made vulnerable by teleworking, it is essential to specify the role of the manager, the medical service and the CSE, in order to control the rate of absenteeism and to prevent the risk of acting out.

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