The use of ChatGPT in companies

ChatGPT has been in the news recently, with a host of AI enthusiasts praising the new technology, while others more averse to the technology worry about what ChatGPT could mean for the future.

What is ChatGPT?

It's a text-generating AI developed by the American company OpenAI. It is cut out to automatically answer questions from a machine learning model that has ingested 300 billion words. And this, by browsing the web, newspaper articles, books and discussion forums.

From there, ChatGPT is designed to answer a variety of queries to a host of queries by providing relatively detailed text, from one to five paragraphs or so.

At this stage, which is still an early stage in the adoption of the technology with new applications being discovered every day, ChatGPT is primarily used in businesses to Improve processes and save time. It's called "Conversational Process Automation", which means : automating tasks.

Information retrieval, brainstorming, data gathering, information summarization, automation of repetitive tasks, coding assistance, these are the most common uses of ChatGPT. most common uses in companies today. in companies today.

How can companies use it?

Companies can use the tool to find innovative innovative ideas and use it as an assistant for a growing number of tasks: writing marketing content, rephrasing texts, clarifying ideas and even writing code.

However, the user's knowledge remains crucial to get value out of it, although ChatGPT can serve as a gas pedal. Beware, however, of data leakagebecause ChatGPT is a cloud solution.

The limitations
of ChatGPT

  • The main limitation of ChatGPT is the age of its data. The tool does not search for answers on the Internet on the fly, but relies on a knowledge base that has not been updated since 2021. 
  • Originally, the data used by ChatGPT are from the Internet (articles, websites,...) : they are therefore not perfect and may include biases or errorsIt is therefore not perfect and may contain biases or errors, or even cause ChatGPT to generate offensive or inappropriate responses. 
  • In order to answer a maximum of queries made by Internet users, the data integrated by ChatGPT covers a wide range of topics. However, its knowledge of each subject is limitedHowever, its knowledge of each subject is limited, so it will not be able to answer very specific questions on a particular subject.
  • Whatever you wish to do with the answers obtained, depending on the expected quality level, proofreading and human adjustments will very often be necessary!



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