Women in Interim Management

Eleven years after the vote of the Coppé - Zimmermann Law, which set the minimum share of women in boards of directors at 40%, there is change at the top of companies. But if quotas have proven their efficiency, parity is still far from being achieved. Today, only 3 women hold a management position among the 120 largest French companies. According to a Céreq study, women are almost 1.75 times less likely than men to reach a management position. In general, they are paid 15.5% less than men, all positions included.

Faced with this situation, it is important that companies become aware of this problem and no longer wait for government decisions to change this.

The role of Interim Management

Theinterest of interim management is to go beyond these barriers. Indeed, the current practice in companies induces, despite a complementarity of skills, that women are paid on average 15 to 20% less than men.

Even if women have a certain predisposition to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously, to have empathy and a natural ability to listen, it is no longer a question of gender but of relational and operational skills in interim management.

The most important thing is skills, and both men and women interim managers have their chance and their place.

The position of our network FIT in NETWORK® in the promotion of women

In view of the legislative context and the findings of the skills market, our FIT in NETWORK® network is also committed to the fair promotion of women in our Interim Management professions.

Today, women represent only 20% of our members voluntarily registered within our community of experts, which already counts more than 1,700 professionals, and we are keen to develop this proportion with the objective of doubling it in the coming years. This is why we are also committed to shortlisting at least one woman interim manager for the final presentation to our clients, who ultimately decide on the best FIT for their needs.

For all these reasons, if you are a woman, a current or future interim manager, we invite you to join our network of experts in one of our 4 areas of expertise: Management, Finance, Digital Transformation and Human Resources to give you maximum professional visibility within THE platform of interim management and Executive Recruitment Express.


On Tuesday, March 15 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm will be held the webinar dedicated to women's rights in the professional world. Myriam Lam, Director of Operations at Coalise will be our speaker. Don't miss this event and register
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