Director General of Services (M/F)

Our customer is a local authority which, as part of the development of its organization, is offering an opportunity for a Director General of Services (M/F).

Based in the north of the Ile-de-France region in the Val d'Oise département (95), our customer is leading a large number of projects to improve public services for its community and to develop new projects: infrastructure, shops, public transport, cultural center, health services, improving the town center, etc.

As part of its mandate, the municipal team is led by a dynamic mayor who relies on both experienced elected officials and a team that is being strengthened by many new skills.

🎯 A re you available quickly to bring your energy and experience as DGS to this public authority?

🎯 Have you already worked as a DGS in a public authority, Commune, Département or Région of at least 20,000 inhabitants?

👉 If so, now's the time to seize this superb opportunity - with the option of a permanent contract in the long term - and send your CV with a covering message to with reference 23.062

☑️ The public authority for this assignment

Based in the north of Ile de France, in the Val d'Oise department

Municipality of over 20,000 inhabitants

Management of a team of civil servants & contract staff, over 200 people

Numerous projects underway: services, infrastructures, intercommunality

Regular interaction with teams from the Département and the Région

Dynamic municipal council elected on a program of transformation

Motivated municipal team highly committed to elected officials

☑️ Job vacancies

Director General of Services (DGS) M/F

You will work closely and effectively with the Mayor of the commune

You will manage a team comprising several Directors & Heads of Department.

You will develop exchanges between municipal teams and elected representatives

You are the guarantor of quality communication and a calm social climate within the community.

Your main missions are as follows:

  • Operational management of the community's strategic orientations
  • Providingfriendly leadership to municipal teams
  • Monitor ongoing projects to ensure they are progressing smoothly
  • Institutional representation of the local authority
  • Organize regularexchanges with elected officials
  • Fostering a positivedynamic within municipal teams

🏢 Transition assignment: full-time, face-to-face

✈️ Mobility: limited, travel within the department to be expected

🚩S tart-up: rapid, late 2023 or very early 2024

⚽ Initial duration 6 months : extension or possible transformation into CDI depending on future "FIT" with our customer

☑️ Your key skills & profile


You have already worked as a DGS in a public authority.

At least 15 years' professional experience

Mastery of the local authority environment

Experience of public budget management

Personal skills

Excellent communication skills with teams and elected representatives

Solidarity and trustworthy teamwork with the Mayor

Ability to take initiatives and be accountable for them

🎯 You are available at short notice

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