Pascal Berardo, Managing Director in SME & Subsidiaries, BtoB Equipment & Services, sends us his message of solidarity Covid-19

This period and the cause that accompanies it lead to a personal and collective reflection that makes me revisit some fundamentals:

  • The fair compensation of everyone at the core of our societies,
  • The importance and at the same time the fragility of the social and local link,
  • Effective attention for our elders.

In the next world that is taking shape, Transition Managers will participate, in a collective dynamic, in the paradigm shifts necessary to reconcile Efficiency and Values once again. »

The expert in a few words …

I like, in complete autonomy, to set up segmentation and to deploy reorganization strategies, to significantly improve the profitability and the balance sheet of the structures where I intervene. I use proven methodologies to achieve these results, taking the teams on board with me.

I have often been involved in growth management, in the post-acquisition phase and in BtoB businesses with a strong technical focus.

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