Pierre Villatte, Transition Manager, Director of major infrastructure projects, sends us his message of solidarity Covid-19

“In this turmoil that is shaking up our certainties, first of all a message of solidarity and gratitude to those on deck: thank you to the hospital and nursing staff, who are so much in demand and so hard hit, and thank you to everyone who keep the machine running daily to ensure that we each have the essentials.

In the near future, we will have to restart our activities and this will require us to revisit many of our operating methods and organizations to adapt. We, as interim managers, can offer a new, open, “think out of the box” vision and support you in these complicated times. »

Pierre Villatte
As a Public Works Engineer, specialised in the management of “complex” projects,
I am involved in all stages of projects or project portfolios: implementation of steering methodology,
project organisation and management, identification of the strategy until it is translated into action plans.
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