Replay of the FIT in NETWORK® webinar

Check out the replay of the FIT in NETWORK® webinar with Jean-Michel Piau, Director of JMF Partners and Laurent Perron, Head of Work Environment and CSR, as guests.

👉 Watch the replay of the webinar


Speakers :

Jean-Michel Piau, Operational Transition Manager, as Managing Director / CEO, Operations Director / COO, Commercial Director / CSO. He is the Director of JMF Partners which is a service and consulting company for companies.

Laurent Perron is Head of Work Environment and CSR at Vedecom which is an Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) set up within the framework of the French Government's Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA), dedicated to individual, decarbonized and sustainable mobility.

The agenda for this webinar :

  • Introduction of the day's presenters
  • Introduction to FIT in NETWORK® with Bruno d'Artagnan
  • New forms of sustainable mobility by Jean-Michel Piau
  • Decarbonized and sustainable mobility - Challenges and levers by Laurent Perron
  • Exchanges with the participants

👉 Watch the replay of the webinar


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