Testimony of Pierre-Arnaud Six

Pierre-Arnaud Six tells us about his career and his motivations for joining us recently! 🙂

🗣️ His testimony

As a professional specialist in accounting/management (16 years of experience) and finance (13 years of experience), I have been carrying out transition missions for 5 years, either in operational management or in project management.

To date, I have successfully completed some fifteen assignments in various sectors of activity, on a variety of accounting and financial subjects, for periods ranging from 1 to 12 months, with companies of all maturities, from SMEs to the CAC 40 Group. 💰 I have my own structure, COPILOTE GESTION SAS, created in January 2015, and act as a service provider for clients.

I have been a member of the FIT in NETWORK®️ network for almost 2 months; this network brings together experts in interim management in many different sectors and activities. It’s a real opportunity to benefit from and share the experiences of each of the members of this network. 🌐

Pierre Arnaud Six

Accounting Transition Manager

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