Testimony Véronique Vias

Digital specialist Véronique Vias talks about organisational changes in your projects and FIT in NETWORK®️ 😉

🗣️ His testimony

As everyone knows, teleworking, remote meetings, collaborative work are practices that have become widespread in recent months. 👩💻 Some companies have had to implement these new practices urgently; for others, it has been a matter of amplifying and accelerating a transformation that they had already initiated.

The digital tools that enable these new practices have developed a great deal in recent years, and have enabled companies to be highly responsive. 🚀

Feedback on these actions shows that the implementation of digital tools involves organisational changes that are sometimes underestimated.

To carry out these projects, the FIT in NETWORK®️ network, with some 1,000 transition managers, including 50 premium members, makes it possible to quickly mobilise a variety of skills in different sectors of activity.

Véronique Vias

Transition Manager as Director of Project Management

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