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Our findings

The Covid-19 health crisis is a shock to both demand and supply. When businesses and shops are closed, there is neither supply nor demand, but some activities are in a vertiginous acceleration. These 2 extremes create difficulties: cash flow management, staff under stress, business to be reprospected. A crisis is a moment of truth, it pushes the Company into its retrenchment. This uncertainty requires a seasoned “strike force” to strengthen management.

Our vision

Companies are facing an imperative need for sustainability on :

  • The Short Term: operational finance, securing supplies, organizational agility, effective communication, prioritizing projects, protecting the health and well-being of employees, adjusting the business model;
  • The medium term: process automation, outsourcing of services, supply chain efficiency, improved health and safety, changing attitudes and behaviours, customer diversification,

This context reveals risks but also creates opportunities.

Entrepreneurial experience and the management of exceptional situations in demanding environments within SME-SMIs or subsidiaries of international groups guarantee a know-how of successful experiences in the turnaround of companies facing major difficulties. Transition Management professionals provide leadership and know how to share the operational implementation of action plans with the managers in place.

Our solution proposals in time-sharing missions

Transition Leaders service offering

“Timeshare “PACK

In Binomial or Trinomial, depending on the client’s stakes

In Management – Finance – HR to be agreed according to the situation


Short-term: business recovery, financing, turnaround

  • Business Repositioning: Creating Value, Communicating Effectively
  • Deployment organization: simplifying processes, fostering cooperation
  • Operational support: strengthening management to accelerate the implementation of actions to achieve results: industrial, financial and commercial aspects.

Medium term: control of flows, development, sustainability

  • The “PACK” strike force of sharp profiles made up of a pair or trio of interim managers on a time-sharing basis, which brings a fresh and unprejudiced view of the situation but above all generates trust,
  • The company’s internal teams can in fact focus on the day-to-day management of operations but also strengthen their skills in efficiency and value production.

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Denis Faure Pascal BERARDO


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Transformation Director

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