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Our findings

Since the Covid 19 crisis and the containment measures, Retailers and Sales Departments have been confronted with unprecedented situations. The suddenness of these events has forced companies to react urgently with the available human and material resources. This has led to profound changes in organizations.

Few sectors have been spared, and few companies will be able to emerge from the crisis without permanently calling into question their way of operating.

  • Loss of reference points in the mission of employees because they played all the roles in the company during the crisis;
  • Drastic decrease in turnover in many sectors of activity and a market that was shaken during the deconfinement ;
  • Changes in consumption in favor of more sustainable, even local products;
  • Strong growth of digital technology which will have a leverage effect on the activity of companies and will require them to adapt to this new demand;
  • Logistics to be organized with an explosion in demand for home delivery;
  • Customer experience to be rethought in sales and physical stores.


Our vision and proposals for recovery solutions


The commercial relaunch must be gradual but immediate: to help you do so, the use of external skills specialized in crisis management is all the more justified.

Transition managers in Retail & Commercial Management who have successfully gone through this type of situation, can help you address the various issues encountered and unite the teams around a common and rethought corporate project.

Thanks to the experience and pragmatism of our interim managers, we can help you through this crisis and achieve commercial recovery.


We propose to intervene, in an operational way, on the following missions:


  • In the short term: Preserve the activity
    Focus on priorities to boost the company’s operations.
  • Implementation of a CSR policy and the well-being of employees in the company. They will clearly be one of the driving forces of the recovery ;
  • Reinforce internal operational relations at the service of the customer with a view to quickly relaunching the business: Teleworking, Sales, Production, Logistics, Invoicing, Salesmen, Managers, Employees ;
  • Systematically identify commercial actions that have an impact on cash flow by mobilizing the skills of all departments and reassuring partners, suppliers and customers. 
  • In the medium / long term: Reinforce the sales strategy

Identify the main areas of performance improvement and strategic processes to ensure the company’s ability to bounce back.

  • The interim manager helps the operational teams to sustainably improve performance and to develop the main orientations: strategy, business model, financial resources, technology, e-commerce, multi-channel digitalization, innovation, but also commercial organization, remote work allowing each department to propose a strategic plan to make the company resilient;
  • Develop the skills of internal teams and participate in the evolution of the corporate culture by having a neutral, global and objective vision.

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