Negotiation of a PSE with reclassification measures

Interim Management Mission

Pictogramme entreprise

Sector of activity

Steel industry

Type of company

International group listed on the CAC 40, Euronext Paris stock exchange

Company size

26 billion € turnover
70,000 employees and 400 industrial sites in Europe

Pictrogramme travail

Country, city

Luxembourg, head office in Luxembourg city

Type of mission

Interim management for 10 months


Human Resources Director
In charge of an Employment Protection Plan (EPS)


Following the takeover of several companies and due to the decline in activities since the start of Covid 19 in March 2020, the company decided to restructure two industrial sites based in Luxembourg.

As the HR teams were already over-occupied, the company needed the help of an interim manager specialised in Human Resources to implement the PSE decided beforehand.


An international group developing complex environmental, energy and infrastructure projects.


Mission de ressources humaines

Before starting the project, the group approached FIT in NETWORK® to find THE interim manager who could meet its Human Resources needs.

After having clearly identified the client's expectations, we launched a targeted search for an immediately available Human Resources Manager, familiar with the steel industry, and with successful experience in managing a PSE.

In only 8 days of research, conducted in France and in the Benelux, we were able to submit a shortlist of 3 experts who perfectly met the client's expectations.

After presentation of this shortlist of managers specialized in Human Resources, the client retained one of the experts to carry out the mission.


During this interim management mission, the human resources manager in place was able to carry out the following activities:

  • Representing the General Management during the whole transformation phase of the company
  • Establish a trusting social dialogue with the Staff Representative Bodies (IRP)
  • Negotiate with the representatives of the Ministry of Labour (Direccte) the conditions of the PSE
  • Meet with local elected officials to assess and limit the economic impact of the reduction in activity
  • Seek and implement all possible redeployment within the Group
  • Supporting certain employees in the creation of new activities: self-employment or business creation
  • Implement the social and economic conditions of the job protection plan.

In total, out of a PSE project initially involving 250 jobs, 75 employees were able to be reclassified within the group, 35 decided to create their own company, and 28 found another position within another Luxembourg company.

The accompanying measures implemented for the remaining 112 employees have made it possible to secure their economic and social situation over a period of 28 months.


The PSE made it possible to save 55% of the jobs initially at risk.

It was carried out in a spirit of social dialogue and without a single day of strike action during the 10 months of the mission.


Mission de ressources humaines

"Thanks to the experience provided by the Transitional Human Resources Manager provided by FIT in NETWORK®, social dialogue was maintained throughout the company's transformation process.

Throughout the implementation phase of the PSE by the interim manager, the group's human resources teams were able to carry out their other missions of training, development of skills and adjustment of the organisation to the new challenges of the steel sector.

"A mission accomplished with great professionalism and regular progress reports with the FIT in NETWORK® Mission Director".


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