Testimony of Laurent Montet

Laurent Montet

tells us about his career path and his motivations for joining our FIT in NETWORK®️ to go further in his current career 🚀
🗣️ Testimony

With turnover losses of more than 25%, 📉 many companies find themselves in difficult situations where the management team must quickly ensure the sustainability of the business, while restarting the momentum and reassuring the organization. Alone, the team in place does not necessarily have the time, resources and hindsight needed to make the right decisions, some of which will be difficult.

With 20 years of General Managementto my credit, coupled with a solid experience of Financial Management, the practice of in-depth restructuring and insolvency proceedings, as an Employee Manager and Entrepreneur, I can provide you with the support you need to learn the lessons of the crisis, carry out the diagnosis, consider possible options, make decisions, prepare the action plan, find financing, and accompany the implementation of the plan, alone or accompanied by members of our FIT in NETWORK®️ network of Transition Managers. Experts or seasoned experts in the fields of Management, Finance, and Human Resources, we help each other to find the right solutions, and we are dedicated to accompanying you to help you get through this difficult period and get back on the road to growth. 📈

Laurent Montet

Transition Manager in Operations Management

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